Led Follow Spot Light

Led Follow spot lights

Most large theatres use arc-source lamps for follow spot lights, which are non-dimmable and less controllable. These fixtures require an operator to open a dowser to present the light on stage. During the run of a show, this adjustment may not be possible. Some follow spot lights also have boomerang slots with gel color, which soften the edge.

Ushio Sai-500

Ushio America, Inc. has recently released the Sai-500 medium-throw LED followspot. This fixture features a CRI of 92 and produces a powerful, daylight white beam. It is perfect for lighting small or medium-sized theatrical venues. The Sai-500 is compact and lightweight, and is compatible with existing xenon systems.

The Sai-500 has an XLR connector for DMX control and features step-less electronic manual dimming. It can also be controlled with a conventional lever. In addition, it comes with an iris that closes to 100%. Unlike other follow spot lights, the Sai-500 is lightweight and compact while delivering impressive performance.

LED follow spot lights have an increasing number of applications. In addition to being energy-efficient, LED lights also improve the quality of light and are more durable. These benefits have made many follow-light users shift to LED follow lights. This type of lighting provides a high-quality beam and focuses the beam with great clarity. The growing popularity of music concerts is helping to drive the market for LED follow lights.


The Takumi-2000A led follow spot has a long history in Japanese manufacturing and is unmatched in its ability to create a natural, uniform light. Its fast start, smart balance and dimming capabilities make it an excellent choice for stage, concert and theatre lighting. The Takumi-2000A also comes with the Sai-300, a versatile and lightweight light perfect for use in multi-purpose venues, churches, schools and other places of worship.

It is one of the smallest and lightest followspot lights in its class, and features a smart balance feature that allows the operator to customize the neutral position. This allows the user to match the spot’s position to the stage. Its achromatic lens and advanced iris provide a sharp and even spot, while the optical system is optimized to achieve maximum light output. It also uses a unique blade shape for mechanical dimming.

Ushio Sai-300

The Ushio Sai-300 led follow spotlight combines superior functionality and design with a variety of features and benefits. These features include step-less dimming, 100% iris closure and a flash effect. The Sai-300 is available in two model options, which are very similar in functionality and price.

The Sai-300 comes with a stand for portable use and features powerful daylight white beam. It has similar design elements as the Xebex follow spot series, including 100% iris closure, step-less dimming, and a flash effect. As a result, it can be used for all types of lighting applications.

azcolor lite 500W

The new azcolor lite 500W LED follow spot light replaces traditional follow lights with a high-power 500W LED module. This powerful light source offers a color rendering index of up to 95. It features super linear dimming and a built-in CMY stepless color mixing system. The azcolor lite 500W LED follow spot light is compact and lightweight and provides a powerful feature set at an affordable price.

Azcolor lite 500W LED follow spot lights are available in a wide variety of colors, including amber, blue, green, red, and white. These lights feature an intuitive software interface with on-screen controls. They also feature optional horizontal choppers, which allow for easier masking in a wide stage or television studio. Other optional features include internal glass filter holders, gobo holders, and follow spot sights. The light’s aluminum or steel housing also serves as a heat sink for the LEDs. Manual zooms offer a beam spread ranging from five degrees to twenty degrees.

A major advantage of LEDs is their high-power, full-immersion dimmability. This means you can control the intensity of the light and create any desired ambiance. LED follow spot lights provide smooth theatrical fades with precise control. These lights also have an adjustable spectral power distribution, which makes them ideal for stage lighting.

Another great feature of this lighting system is the frosted optical lens. It solves the problem of front and background light. The frosted lens also makes the light easier to focus. These lights can be used as stage background patterns or even as background lines. They are also widely used at auto shows.