Exotic African sequined velvet lace fabric

Exotic African sequined velvet lace fabric

Velvets are usually associated with royalty, class, and sophistication. It is the perfect color for any social or formal event because it is easy on the eye. You can never go wrong with velvet because it can blend with other colors. If you are looking for the best material to design that perfect dress for your social or formal events then you are definitely in the right place. Why not try out this exotic African sequined velvet lace fabric? The lace fabrics is manufactured by the Guangzhou Top-One lace company and below are some of the amazing features of the material.


Features of the African sequined velvet lace fabric


  • F962 design – It is a one-of-a-kind quality lace fabric that has heavy Nigeria sequins adorning it. You can use this material to make a traditional African wedding dress. There are a lot of bright and colorful sequins that are permanently attached to the lace fabric.


  • Size – The material is affordable and it measures an incredible 135 cm by 15 yards making it easy to fold and ship. That means it can save you a couple of bucks when it comes to shipping the product to other countries.


  • Flexible – Though the material is heavy, it can easily be folded or manipulated into any shape or style. You can easily work with the material to design the perfect dress to go for an Asoebi wedding party.


You can get this lace fabric and many more by simply going to the Guangzhou Top-One lace company and placing your offer today.


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