Excellent endoscopic accessories

Excellent endoscopic accessories

Have you been looking for the best place to get quality medical equipment? Getting the right medical equipment can be the difference between life. Proper equipment can enable medical practitioners to give the correct diagnoses. Without a proper diagnosis, treatment for any type of disease cannot be accurate thus lives may be lost. However, getting quality medical equipment may be a challenging task because most equipment is expensive and most practitioners may opt to rent them out or refer their patients to other medical facilities. Guangzhou smart tech technologies company is a company that has dedicated over 12 years of experience in making quality medical equipment. They offer endoscopic accessories that can help any practitioner give a proper diagnosis of the digestive system.


Endoscopic accessories 


  • 201299 model part – This is a seal distal universal cord fitting for the LGC boot. This quality O-ring can be used with the Olympus 180 series and 190 series. IT is made from silicone and it has been tested and proven to be safe to use on humans. The part is used to facilitate the rotation of the distal tip and thus optimize visualization of the targeted area.


  • 201286 model part – This is also a quality endoscopic seal and it is in the shape of an O-ring. It is used for the biopsy port inner grommet. The part can facilitate the distal tip to be rotated in any direction. It is made from silicone and it can be fitted in the Olympus 160 series,180 series, and 190 series.


You can get in touch with the company if you have any queries and the sales team will give you feedback as soon as possible.

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