Electric Concrete Pumps

Electric concrete pump

An electric concrete pump is a tool used in the construction industry. It is a pump that is powered by electricity and uses a mixture of concrete and water to create a concrete mix. An electric concrete pump consists of several components: a main oil cylinder, water tank, concrete pistons, delivery cylinder, swing parts, and mixing system.

iONTRON eMixer reduces CO2 emissions

Putzmeister has pioneered the electrification of the construction site by developing the iONTRON hybrid truck-mounted concrete pump. The company is showcasing this machine at bauma 2022, which runs from 24 to 30 October. This environmentally-friendly mixer is quiet and emits zero CO2 during operation. In addition to its environmental benefits, this machine also offers an economic advantage.

The iONTRON hybrid truck-mounted concrete pump integrates an electric motor into the hydraulic pump train. This reduces fuel consumption, weight, and space. It has virtually unlimited applications. The 92-kW electric motor is powerful enough to handle most applications in electric mode. To switch between the electric and diesel modes, the pump just requires an unwinding cable and a brief instruction.

PG-35SE electric concrete pump reduces labor costs

The PG-35SE electric concrete pump is a self-propelled, electric concrete pump that reduces labor costs and improves on-job efficiency. It pumps 10 yards of concrete per hour and is capable of pumping concrete up to 300 feet horizontally and 100 feet vertically. It is compact and powerful, and can be easily transported on a trailer or a pickup truck.

The PG-35SE offers a variety of features, and can also be used in masonry block fill jobs. With a single operation, it can empty a ready-mix truck in less than an hour. Its portable size allows for easy transport on a trailer or pickup truck, and it also features electronic proxy-switch hydraulic technology. It also has variable-speed pumping with forward and reverse capabilities. Lastly, it includes a fork-slot design for easy pumping.

Normet SSL 40 pump is a mixing unit mounted onto a rotor-stator pump

The Normet SSL 40 electric concrete pump is based on the rotor principle and is available in a wide range of voltages and outputs. Its main features include a rotor-stator design, a peristaltic pump with a frequency controller, a pressure accumulator for easy changeover and an air distributor with individual control over the air flow. It also features a wide range of nozzles, available in a variety of shapes and materials.

This electric concrete pump has a unique design, which combines an efficient mixing unit with a high-quality rotor-stator pump. A heating jacket is mounted on the rotor-stator, which prevents the materials from solidifying. A pressure relief valve is also provided to prevent excessive pressure from building up.

The Normet SSL 40 electric concrete pump has a rotor-stator design that provides a smooth, reliable flow of concrete. Its double pump system incorporates two independent oil pipes, the S valve and main pump. This simple design contributes to high reliability and long life for the pump’s parts. Another major feature is its centralized lubrication system and remote control.

The SSL 40 electric concrete pump is equipped with a 10-m3/min compressor, which ensures the maximum productivity. The unit can also be equipped with two x 1000-litre accelerator tanks. Its dual-circuit oil-immersed rotor-stator pump makes it easy to use in underground tunnels and mines.

The SSL 40 electric concrete pump is CE-certified and approved for road traffic in Scandinavia. It can be fitted with different accessories, such as a protective roof. Normet’s Heavy Duty L-series Variomec-system features an articulated carrier and interchangeable work modules. It is a multifunctional solution that can be converted in less than an hour.

Normet SSL 15 pump is a boom pump

The Normet SSL 15 boom pump for concrete pump is designed to deliver high-quality concrete without any hassles. It has a long reach that allows it to pump over one yard of concrete at a time. The pump is equipped with a frequency-controlled peristatic dosing pump that applies TamCrete SSL accelerator.

PG-35SE electric concrete pump reduces on-the-job efficiency

The PG-35SE electric concrete pump offers a range of benefits for the construction professional. This self-propelled pump is compact and features a patented AIRPLACO Hydraulic Drive Train. The pump is easy to transport, weighing less than five tons. Its lifting lugs and forklift slots help it fit easily on a pickup truck or trailer.

One of the advantages of using an electric concrete pump is that it can pump substantial volumes of concrete at once. This means less time and effort for employees. The pump also works with existing mixers, which is a great convenience for construction sites. This powerful tool also allows contractors to save on labor costs.

This pump’s features are ideal for construction sites. Its 29 horsepower gasoline engine offers a powerful output. It also features a key-start for increased convenience. Its cylinders are also hard chrome, ensuring that the pump will last for many years. Its large 4 inch material discharge makes it suitable for pumping concrete and other materials. It also comes with a material hose and masonry wall hook nozzle.

For residential and commercial construction sites, the 33-meter 5-section boom pump can reach all areas within its reach. With its five accordion-folding sections, it can reach high areas and work in tight spaces. It can be easily folded into a compact form for easy transport.