Banknote Sorting Machines

Banknote sorting machineA banknote sorting machine is a highly sophisticated system that allows for the precise classification, valuation, and verification of banknotes. This type of machine is ideal for cash offices, such as those found at cash-in-transit companies. Developed by Talaris in close collaboration with customers, the Nsignia is a flexible and customizable machine that meets a variety of banking requirements.

Ntegra multi-currency desktop banknote counter/sorter

The Ntegra multi-currency desk top banknote counter/sorter is a versatile, affordable, and compact device that performs banknote counting, sorting, and grading. Its advanced detection technologies, such as double detection and full-width CIS, ensure that the device can handle the complexities of multiple currencies with ease. The machine is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, financial institutions, and other types of cash processing environments.

The Ntegra Pro banknote counter includes a built-in printer for printing transaction data and serial numbers. It has a compact design and offers an integrated and flexible user interface. The Ntegra Pro is equipped with a high-resolution colour LCD for easy viewing. It also offers a user-friendly, dual-user interface, and multiple connectivity options.

The Ntegra is equipped with a large reject pocket and a high-speed, uninterrupted processing capability. Moreover, the Ntegra has a compact footprint and a rugged design. Its ergonomics provide an unparalleled user experience, with its large colour display and Windows CE operating system. It also offers multilingual message support.

Ntegra USF-100

The Ntegra USF-100 bank notes sorting machine is a desktop banknote sorting solution by Talaris Ltd. It features a reject note pocket, full stacking pocket, and a variety of detection technologies. Its compact design and high speed can sort up to 1200 notes per minute. Its advanced features help reduce costs while ensuring that customer requirements are met.

The USF-100 is equipped with double image line sensors that detect banknotes with full images. It also has a thickness sensor that detects tapes and double banknotes. These features enable the USF-100 to perform high-speed, continuous large-scale deposit operations.

This 2-pocket desktop sorter is designed to meet the needs of modern banking operations. Its multi-sensor technology is capable of identifying counterfeit notes and other irregularities. This machine is equipped with the latest generation of sensors, which ensures high efficiency and accuracy. It also separates reject notes to a separate pocket, which allows operators to evaluate them without stopping the sorting process. Moreover, it is equipped with a feature that allows it to perform fitness sorting and serial number recognition simultaneously.

This high-speed, multifunctional machine is perfect for any banknote sorting needs. Its dual side-by-side LCD screens make it easy to operate. The machine’s dual-screen display provides easy-to-read information and an illustrated system guide.

Glory USF-300

The Glory USF-300 banknote sorter is a mid-sized desktop banknote sorting machine that can improve your cash management operations. This machine enables smooth, continuous and efficient processing of medium-sized batches of banknotes. The machine is designed for businesses with multiple cash processing tasks.

It is equipped with a high-accuracy counterfeit detector and can handle both back-office and front-office banknotes. Its innovative design and cost-effective price tag makes it a smart choice for businesses that are looking to reduce their workload. The banknote sorter comes with proven authentication sensors, allowing it to detect counterfeit notes even without human intervention.

V Series(tm)

The V Series(tm) banknote sorter provides an advanced solution for automated banknote sorting. Its dual-operator design and large color touch screen LCD make it intuitive to use. Its capabilities include counterfeit detection and various sorting options. It also features an SD Memory Card for recording data such as counting, serial no., and image.

Its modular design and advanced functionality allow customers to customize their machines to meet their specific processing needs. This means that customers can easily add extra manual pockets, expand detection capabilities, and upgrade to global standards. The V Series(tm) Prime also supports up to 16 strapping output pockets for maximum productivity.

The V Series(tm) is a high-speed banknote sorter that offers high productivity and a low total cost of ownership. The V Series(tm) has the ability to sort 72,000 banknotes per hour. This banknote sorting machine can run for up to ten years and has a low maintenance cost.

This banknote sorting machine has advanced features, including dynamic pocket allocation and a large feeder capacity. It also features a modular design, which allows for easy swapping of modules. Its focus on fast fitness sorting and efficient authentication keeps its operating cost low, and its high quality build minimizes downtime. Additionally, sophisticated data outputs allow operators to monitor and improve processes.

The V Series(tm) banknote sorter has a dual platform and advanced CIS sensors to distinguish between different denominations. It also has a reverse spin feature that prevents jams. It can also detect coins, plastic tokens, and other dimensions.


CPS 7000i is an efficient, high-speed banknote sorting machine that is easy to use, intuitive, and cost-effective. It is ideal for large casinos with high-volume count rooms and can process up to 2,000 banknotes per minute. It features automatic feeding and high-resolution camera systems.

The 7000i is available in different configurations to suit the processing environment. For example, it is equipped with the SmartPack option, which provides shrink-wrapping for up to 1,000 banknotes, and SmartShred, which provides total security for banknote destruction. In addition, the 7000i is equipped with an air conveying system and collection system.

Its high-performance sensors and advanced security features allow it to quickly detect counterfeit banknotes, reducing the risk of fraud and saving money. It also boasts a high-speed processing capacity of 720 banknotes per hour. With high-speed operation and flexibility, advanced banknote sorting machines offer maximum versatility and true modularity. Its two-sided LCD screens make it easy to operate.